Sims Social Speak French to 1 Sim Friend Ooh lala Je t’aime

By | February 16, 2012

for the sims social french connection quest there’s a requirements that pretty confusing, where you must speak french to 1 sim friend (ooh lala, je t’aime)

let me share the tips how to speak french to sim friend in sims social :
You have to do multiple romantic interactions with a sim and eventually the actions will showed up

first look for ‘awkward friend’
then choose flirt action
keep choosing another flirt action like flirty joke, etc
then you will see ‘ooh lala’ action

try with another sims if you don’t see this action on the third try of flirt actions, because i tried to 4 sims where on the third one i got the ‘ooh lala’ but then i skipped it because choosing another action.. and it was gone 😛

good luck

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