Sims Social Sporty C Search Mission

By | May 10, 2012

Get toyota prius c from sims social sporty c search mission !

hey there ! bella is trying to choose a new car, do you mind helping her out ?

she want a car that’s high tech and city-friendly, with low emissions. if you help her find it, you can have it for the first two weeks !

here are the items you need to prepare for this quest : 3 goodwill, computer, mailbox, tv, telephone !

requirements :

sporty c search 1 :
– click on the computer and then on the “investigate car technology” 2x
– go to the mailbox and click on the “compare emissions”

sporty c search 2 :
– “investigate hybrid technology” on the computer 2 times
– click on the TV and see the “Auto Show”
– visit a neighbor and talk about the technology

sporty c search 3 :
– visit 2 neighbors and spread the word about the Prius emissions
– call a sim and talks about multimedia technology prius
– have 3 goodwill