Sims Social Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Star Missions

By | August 9, 2012

Promotion quest for Dunkin Donut in sims social sprinkle sprinkle little star
Time to complete : 14 days

You know the story of jack & the beanstalk ? well there’s a guy on the internet selling magic sprinkles to make dunkin donuts grow on trees !

rewards you can get :
– dunkin’ donuts tree
– dunkin’ donuts sprinkle pit


STEP 1 :
click computers and order magic sprinkles
check mailbox for magic sprinkles 6x
reward : Dunkin Donuts Tree

STEP 2 :
Water donut tree with magic sprinkles (in outdoor section of storage)
Click Donut tree and dance on spot 3 times

STEP 3 :
Tell a friend about your donut tree
Pick donuts from donut tree