Sims Social Symbol of Innovation Quest

By | July 19, 2012

It’s time the car was up-to-date as the smartphone in sims social symbol of innovation quest! help to find an automobile that’s fit for the 21st century !

I’m all about the latest and greatest, so why am i driving around in a gas-guzzling antique?

get the toyota prius plug-in hybrid from this mission 🙂

requirements guide :

part 1 :
Research high-tech cars on computer
Ask 2 sims about Prius

part 2 :
Call 2 dealers to talk about hybrid innovation (phone)
Researchbenefit of hybrid vehicle 2 times (computer)

part 3 :
Talk to 3 sims about prius
Email 2 friends about prius (computer)

part 4 :
Follow 3 wires (cliking electronic items like TV, computer, radio)