Sims Social The French Connection Quest

By | February 16, 2012

It’s paris week ! Find jean marc, bella’s ex boyfriend and finish sims social the french connection ! you will have 7 days only.

here are the guide for each requirements :
the french connection part 1 :
– Buy or have a French bookcase [Shop > Living > 850 simoleons]
– Learn Sim French [Only on French bookcase]
– Speak French to one Sim . [Need to learn French on bookcase before. Flirt to unlock the interaction then “je t’aime”, any level of friendship]

the french connection part 2 :
– Ask 1 friend if they know what woohoo is [Post to wall]
– Ask 2 Sims if they like woohoo
– Have 5 muse

the french connection part 3 :
– Ask 3 Sims if they know what naughty friends are
– Look up naughty friends on Internet 7 times [Can use neighbor’s computers]
– Have 7 cold showers [Can use neighbor’s showers]

the french connection part 4 :
– Try baking “petits fours” 7 times [Bella has a Patisserie if needed / Get bored after 2 times]
– Try writting poetry 7 times [On typewritters, Bella has one]
– Try making sweet music 7 times on harp [Bella has a harp]

the french connection part 5 :
– Buy/have 1 French neckerchief [Clothes > Top accessories > 1.500 social points]
– Buy/have 3 different items from Paris collection [Can buy twice the same, 300 simoleons]
– Have 15 love

the french connection part 6 :
– Massage 3 Sims on sofas [friendly relationship or more]
– Practice French kiss with 3 Sims [Random romantic interaction]
– Ask two friends “voulez-vous woohoo avec moi” [wall post request]

the french connection part 7 :
– Wearing Neckerchief ask 3 Sims “Voulez-vous woohoo avec moi” [Random romantic action]
– Woohoo with 2 different sims
– Tell the world (3 friends) [Post to wall]

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  • melody

    I can’t buy the french bookcase! D: Everytime I try to buy it, it says that the game has a cannection problem and I need to reload it. ><

  • clara

    i’m at the 7th part and i can’t “woohoo” with anyone… why? do i have to be naughty friends?

  • Fin

    Woohoo with 2 difrent sims so. We must breake our relationship? with sims?

  • Madeldrago

    How can I Woohoo with 2 different Sims??

  • melt

    i made 1 woohoo with my soul mates but unable to the the second woohoo. do i need to break up with my lover and try to start a new relationship with other sims?

  • admin

    please see this tips how to woohoo with 2 different sims :

  • Alba

    No matter how many times I do flirty actions with my neighbours the option ‘french kiss’ or ‘practice french kiss’ never appears – is their any particular flirty action I need to do for the ‘french kiss’ option to show? I’m pretty sure I’ve tried most of them but any advice would be good

  • Odessa

    You can only French Kiss with “Good Friends”, if you dont see the option right away you first have to flirt, after that the French Kiss option will appear.