Sims Social The Prankfather Quest

By | March 8, 2012

main quest for gangster week : sims social the prankfather quest with 8 parts !

have you ever tried simshine ?

here are the missions requirements and guide :

the prankfather quest 1
– Research prankfather on bookcase 6 times [Can use any bookcase, at any neighbor or home]
– Ask 5 sims about prankfather

the prankfather quest 2
– Gather grain from plants or weeds 10 times [can do it at neighbors, can only gather one grain per weed, 1/3 chance of drop]
– Gather water from well 8 times [Bella has one, can use MSS Well of fear from Halloween too]
– Steal sugar from 6 neighbors fridges

the prankfather quest 3
– Craft on Chem lab 10 times [At Bella’s, 2/3 chance of succeed]
– Test SimShine on 7 neighbors
– Have 8 relaxations

the prankfather quest 4
– Harvest 4 watermelons
– Gather 10 vanilla seeds from weeds or plants [1/3 drop rate]
– Steal eggs from 8 friends fridges

the prankfather quest 5
– buy/have the crime board [shop > wisefellas organized crime board]
– investigate 6 dirty items at friend’s houses [click dirty items on neighbors > investigate]
– analyze the evidence on the chemistry lab table 10 time [bella’s house]

the prankfather quest 6
– ask bella over to work on the crime board with you [visit bella > work on crime]
– investigate 9 sims [visit neighbors > investigate]
– accuse friends of being the prankfather [visit neighbors > accuse]

the prankfather quest 7
– buy/have pie attack hat [clothes > pie attack hat]
– perform the hit on bella 3 times
– clean yourself up [taking shower / washing your hands]

the prankfather quest 8
– clean your sim friends dirty items
– recruit friends to your new outfit [wall post]
– perform hits on other sims [visit 10 neighbors > perform hit]

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  • Mien

    Thanks for sharing. I don’t think the 1/3 droprate on the vanilla seeds is correct though: so far I’ve spend 15 energy and haven yet to get any.