Sims Social Turning Japanese Quest

By | November 11, 2011

New japan missions ! Finish 7 parts of sims social turning japanese quest to get a red godzilla

increase : fun + social and house value : 2550

here are the quests chain requirements :

part 1 : turning japanese 1 quest
– check 7 bathroom items for leaks : ‘find leaks’ on any bathroom items
– get inspired

part 2 : tunring japanese 2 quest
– practice making cartoon style faces in a mirror 5 times
– have 3 unique hairstyles : just buy 3 new hair if you don’t have any 😛
– use a photo booth to capture a digital copy of your face : go to bella’s house and “take photo” on photo booth

part 3 : turning japanese 3 quest
– have 8 muse
– have a karate mat and create a routine 5 times
– use a dancing arcade machine to record 3 moves : go to bella’s house and choose “record karate moves” on ddr machine

part 4 : turning japanese 4 quest
– have a japanese bookshelf : find it on shop > decoration > book place shelf
– learn japanese from the bookshelf by reading 5 books : “learn japanese” form book place shelf
– use japanese phrases on 4 sims : click 4 sims “use japanese phrases”

part 5 : turning japanese 5 quest
– visit 5 sims to watch the karate film together on TV : “watch karate film”
– advertise to the wider world (have 2 friends click on feed)
– have 4 buzz : get buzz fron fun interaction

part 6 : turning japanese 6 quest
– by 3 clothing items from japanese week 2 to wear to the premier
– buy a new hairstlye
– boast to 6 sims about your success : click 6 sims and “boat to sim”

part 7 : turning japanese 7 quest
– buy 4 modern japanese decoration items to design the movies set with
– record a video diary on a computer, do 13 takes to get it right : click computer “record video diary”
– have 4 of your friends tell you that you look good with new look (wall post)

official announcement for modern japanese decoration items :
“Players will notice that in part 7, we ask players to buy 4 decorative items from this week’s new theme.
Due to an unfortunate bug, items bought will not be counted towards the quest.
This will be fixed Friday morning GMT.
In the meantime, we advise our players not to start this part of the quest until after the fix has been made.”
FIXED ! any new japanese items will counted 🙂

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  • Chelsea

    Is anyone else having problems with part 7? I bought an item from every category! Nothing seems to work ):

  • Dan

    Which items are classified as modern japanese decoration?

  • payedd

    in pasr 7,..player should have 4 decorative item…please list all of that things…i had bought smething…but it not counted it….please help me

  • lode

    Can somebody give me some more info on what to buy for part 7 of the quest?? i bought several things, but it does not count in the questwindow…

    thanks in advance.

  • Adrien

    Has the bug been fixed for part 7??
    I have spent 6k money for nothing -.-
    I wondered why the items didn’t count, no one said at the sims social sites that there is a bug on that quest…
    A bad joke -.-

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  • rhiannon

    How do you get the Karate Mat for part 3 of urning japanese on the sims social? Much Love xxx

  • Sebnem

    I bought 4 clothing items but the quest counts only 1 of them:(( what should I do? I spent almost 3000 simoleons and 500 social points!

    • admin

      try to look for japanese outfit with ‘new’ label on it

  • Joe

    I’m facing problem with part 7 : record video diary 13 times. I have somehow done it 4 times but now whenever I click on computer and record video diary my sim will move to sit on the chair and sim will just HANG, prompting a reload AND the action was not perform. I’ve tried this many many times (in excess of 40) to no avail. Is there a time require to wait before taking recording another video? or am I just unlucky?

    • admin

      just unlucky i guess..because i have no problem finishing this quest with no time