Sims Social Unsinkable Love Part 1 Missions

By | January 17, 2013

Travel back in time with Cogsworth Time Machine and complete all task in sims social unsinkable love missions onboard the historic T.S.S unsinkable and get your own sailboat !

i’m working on something very special.. and it’s nearly finished ! i just need a few more things

Note: You will not see the new place or Josh until you finished step 2!!!

quest walkthrough guide :

part 1
* Visit Bella and ‘tinker’ with her Cogsworth Time Machine
* Grow and harvest 1 tomatoe (tomatoes take 1 hour to grow!)

part 2
* Visit Bella and “use time machine”

Welcome to the TSS Unsinkable ! we hope you enjoy your stay !

part 3
* Click on Josh > ‘Fish for info’
* Click on Josh and ask ‘Seen blue diamonds?’

part 4
* Click on the ship’s boiler and ‘stoke boiler’ 3 times
* Complete stage 1 of the Cogsworth Time Machine
* Gather 5 Bolts by clearing sack or ask friends to send you some

part 5
* Click on the Cargo Bay door and ‘Open’ it
* Collect 3 Metal Bearings
* Complete Stage 1 of the ArcSteam Automobile
Tips: Metal Bearings are a gift item, gift your friends one, if they accept it, you get one too!!

part 6
* Click on the chef and choose an excuse for Josh
* Complete level 7 on Grandster Master Stove
* Click on Josh and ‘serve dinner’

part 7
* Complete Stage 2 of the ArcSteam Automobile
* Complete the Cogsworth Time Machine

part 8
* Skill up to level 7 Cogsworth Dance Floor, Victorian Style!
* Click on sims aboard the unsinkable and ‘Vote for me!’ 3 times
* Post a feed and get 5 different friends to vote for you as Lord of the Ocean-Dance by clicking your feed