Sims Social Wearing Wig Bow Or Curtsey To Sims

By | January 26, 2012

Another difficult requirements for part 4 of delusions of grandeur on sims social where players have problems how to bow or curtsey to sims ?
because sometimes you can’t see the actions and randomly appear when you need 6x to do this for the task

there are 2 things related that you need to do for this mission :
– first you need to have a wig from this week’s NEW theme
– second wearing wig, bow or curtsey to sims
louis or gateau wig

so remember that you need to wearing the wig from this marie antoinette week, now visit your friends click them to find bow or curtsey actions

here’s a tips from constituent on sims social forum :
In order to get “bow” or “curtsy” you must do the following
1. Feed Cake
2. Whisper In Ear
3. Feed Cake again
4. Bow / Curtsy
Sometimes “Whisper in Ear” won’t appear, so just do some neutral action. Feed the cake again and on most times “Bow” or “Curtsy” will appear.

It’s not 100% but was able to get 3 of these in a row.

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  • Monica

    really helpful. thank you 😀

  • Issac

    I tried this thing like 10 times and its not working

  • sexy

    thank you it is really helpful.

  • Greta

    thank.. this is really working!!

  • Vava

    It can’t work…Im aleready feed cake, flirt, feed cake again, chat, feed cake again, it doesn’t aappear..Then I move to another neighbor, do the same thing, and still can’t appear… Sad 🙁

  • MrSim

    The above suggestion is not working. Still trying after 45 tries.
    I am trying the suggested opposite sex as well as the suggested neutral option too. I am never offered the Whisper in ear or Bow. Has anyone come up with a SOLID understanding of what SocialSIms programmers expect us to do to get past this task?

  • Patricia

    Same Here. I’ve been feeding cake for the past hour and I have yet to receive the option to whisper or bow. Very frustrating. Makes me feel like giving up on this game and deleting it.

  • joy

    tried this. at first it doesnt work. then on my next neighbor, after feeding cake for the first time the CURTSEY appeared!! tried on the next, and IT WORKED TOO!!. the next one failed, but im trying on my other neighbors. thanks for the info!!