Sims Social Woohoo With 2 Different Sims Naughty Friends

By | February 17, 2012

On part 7 of the french connection you must woohoo with 2 different sims ! but in order to have this action you must have sims social naughty friends

how to woohoo with 2 different sims in sims social :
You can woohoo with Sims you’re in a relationship with (dating), of course
You can also do it with Sims you have a naughty friendship relationship status with.

To become naughty friends :
you need to flirt with a Sim until the interaction “voulez-vous woohoo avec moi” pops-up
select it, then a pop-up to allow you to request that relationshipstatus will come up.
The other Sim needs to accept it.
If you cancel the wall request, you need to wait for 24 hours to post it again.

now you can find sneaky woohoo option with naughty friends relationship

if you found this hard.. well just broke with your partner and find a new one to woohoo 😛

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  • Monica

    i have tried sneaky wohooo with my naughty friends…but they just talking.. huh

  • dinu

    @monica then they are not that naughty as u think. =D

  • Julie

    Is it possible that Bella is a naughty friend?

    • admin

      i don’t think so, because you need to send request and they must accept it 🙁

  • jessica

    i woohoo’ed with several naughty friends but it didn’t count it toward the quest. maybe it’s just me having that problem?

    but i was able to woohoo with the sim i was dating, break up with him, and start dating another sim to woohoo with her to complete the quest.