Sims Social Your Very Own Halloween Castle Missions

By | October 11, 2012

Get my swampy pal by completing the sims social your very own halloween castle missions

how does your very own halloween castle to keep sound ? good ? excellent !

quest requirements :

Part 1
– Become inspired by satisfying all needs! NOTE: Complete the quests in this location to unlock the castle
and do whatever you like with it!
– Unlock the gate and explore the Dark Lagoon. When you’ve completed the Dark Lagoon you’ll be able to
use it as a skill item!

Part 2
– Have 3 Snake Scales. You can collect them by clearing things around the Dark Lagoon!
– Complete stage 1 of the Dark Lagoon project. Remember, if you complete all the quests in Midnight Grove
the whole place is yours!
– Have 3 Goodwill. You can collect it by doing nice things with other Sims

Part 3
– Clear 2 Skulls. You can clear them near the Dark Lagoon!
– Click 3 things in the Midnight Grove area (that’s the castle and surroundings!) then ‘Van Helsim? You
– Investigate 3 Halloween Ghosts near the Dark Lagoon!

Part 4
– Complete phase 2 of the Dark Lagoon project.
– Complete the vampire statue project in the Dark Lagoon to capture the evil creature of the lagoon!

Part 5
– Spend 2000 simoleons to purchase items from the new Halloween collection!
– Complete phase 3 of the Dark Lagoon project.