Slogan Logo Quiz Cheats

By | June 18, 2014

slogan logo quiz cheats to help you guess the company name using the brand slogans and logo picture of car company, drink, food, media, shops, cosmetics, tech, web and others
slogan quiz by bubble quiz games on android and iphone

some player got problem with the random letters on the first level, where none of the letters were right so they couldn’t answer 😐

slogan logo quiz level 1 : das auto = volkswagen
slogan logo quiz level 2 : gives you wings = red bull
slogan logo quiz level 3 : i’m lovin it = mcdonalds
slogan logo quiz level 4 : where dreams come true = walt disney
slogan logo quiz level 5 : change begins at home = ikea


slogan logo quiz level 6 : open happines = coca cola
slogan logo quiz level 7 : share the fantasy = chanel
slogan logo quiz level 8 : your potential our passion = microsoft
slogan logo quiz level 9 : don’t be evil = google
slogan logo quiz level 10 : writes first time every time = bic

Guess the Brand Slogans of popular companies! This is real icomania! To play this app game is pretty simple: you see a brand slogan logo and you’re shown a series of scrambled letters, out of which you have to guess the brand name.

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