Snowball Fight Farmville

By | December 17, 2010

Snowball Fight Farmville ! do you see a new loading picture in farmville today ?

farmville snowball fight

there are 3 steps : throw snowballs, collect snow and build snowman !

if you read the podcast in farmville forum it’s already explained how snowball fight works in farmville :
– Players will be able to have snowball fights by visiting friends’ farms or joining other friends snowball fights.
– As you throw snowballs, you will eventually end up with a big pile of snow.
– The pile of snow can be used to build farmville snowman.
– The Snowman may even dance for you if you find the right item for it!

can’t wait till it released 🙂

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  • Lisa

    Would love this if it worked right. I throw snowballs… I get thrown snowballs…and in time since release I have only gathered 4 piles of snow… Howmany snowballsmust you get hit with b4 you get pile of snow…Why am I only given 3 friends to request help from when some of them do NOT even play regularly…. Which this worked better…