Spice Rack Cafe World

By | February 20, 2010

Spice Rack Cafe World ! Did you get this pop up notification :

(this was different than the original spice rack pop up, see it in cafe world spice rack)

The Spice Rack Is Here !
click the spice icon to complete it now !

and then…. huh where’s the spice rack icon ? gone ? lol !

Well here’s the official statement for spice rack update on cafe world by Jilly Bean the Community Manager for cafe world forum
“Hey all,
This feature is planning to be released in the next few hours, the first attempt had a small glitch and we stopped the publish.
We are currently addressing this small problem, we expect very spicy cafes soon.
Jilly Bean”

so just wait in next few hours okay 🙂 we will see what update on cafe world spice rack soon !

Update : the spice rack is here !
click the spice rack icon

and you will need to complete your spice rack 🙂
complete your spice rack to unlock magic of spices !

how spice rack works on cafe world ?
complete such step to build your spice rack

the spice rack parts you will need to get :
5 shelves
5 small jars
5 medium jars
5 large jars
15 lids
exotic spices

what do you get for completing spice rack in cafe world ?
get a special reward for completing each step !

How to get spice rack parts in cafe world ?
collect all of the pieces by asking your friends to send them to you as gifts !

or you can request from wall news feed by clicking “ask for help” button

Here are the spice rack prizes rewards (thx to john ^^)
For shelves: Decorative Spice Rack (listed under windows)
For small jars: 1000 coins
For medium jars: 2000 coins
For large jars: 3000 coins
For lids: 5 cafe cash

be the first to learn how spices will improve your cooking 🙂

Update : now the exotic spices is here ! complete your spice rack to use spices on cafe world

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  • John

    Rewards are:

    For shelves: Decorative Spice Rack (listed under windows)
    For small jars: 1000 coins
    For medium jars: 2000 coins
    For large jars: 3000 coins
    For lids: 5 cafe cash

  • Steven

    How do you get exotic spices? I know it says to join the email club to know when it will arrive, but the button doesnt work? HELP

  • rose breslin

    i need help plz to get my cafe world back so can some 1 help me

  • Harley

    Where do we find large jars and lids to give away?

  • Richard Adams

    My Join button does not work. I have all the items? when do the spices come?

  • donna galloway

    my join button does not work.i have all the items.when does the spices come.i already have email on farmville.

  • kate mills

    I dont have a join button. I have completed all the items. what am i supposed to do to unlock the crate?

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  • Chrys

    I need small jars – I have 20 neighbors and NONE of them have small jars to gift, I had them to gift so everyone I know has a completed spice rack EXCEPT me! PLEASE help me!

  • Brittany Benjamin

    For lids: 5 cafe cash. I recieved that but i dont see it!!!! HELP

  • Brittany Benjamin

    There use to be this page on FB for cafe world that shows all the cafe world stuff shared by my cafe friends where can i find it?