Spring Basket FarmVille

By | March 26, 2010

FarmVille Spring Basket ! The easter is here on farmville πŸ™‚


The spring bunny is coming and has left eggs all over farmville !
Place your basket on your farm and fill it with eggs from your friends or hidden in friends’ farms !
Find your basket in your gift box

yes this event is just like pot of gold on farmville πŸ˜› but since this easter you will see spring basket and easter egg – spring egg


you can fill in your spring basket with spring eggs and there are spring basket redeem prizes πŸ™‚

how to get spring eggs on farmville ?
on the free gifts tab you can see 5 easter eggs, cute colored eggs indeed ^^
red spring egg
purple spring egg
blue spring egg
orange spring egg
pink spring egg


or you can get spring eggs from fertilizing your neighbors farm πŸ™‚

also you can purchase it on farmville market πŸ˜›

if you want spring basket redeemable prizes you can see FarmVille Spring Basket Redeem Prizes Items form more information.

Update :
for you who lost spring basket or don’t get any spring basket on gift box… i’m afraid that the spring basket was available during Easter so its time has come and gone, but FarmVill is still giving out the message the spring basket is in your gift box due the spring eggs still being sent via the gift page.

so the only way to get spring basket if no spring basket in gift box is contact zynga support πŸ™

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  • chinmay

    please i want a spring basket?but i don’t know how?

  • Evelyn Divinagracia Rivera

    Please send me a spring basket. By mistake while watching the tv, i think i`ve just sold my basket. I`ve collected many eggs in my gift box but i cannot redeem it without the basket. Thank you

  • pio

    Has anyone responded to the spring gift basket posts? i sold mine. mahalos and aloha

  • Evelyn Divinagracia Rivera

    I think there is no other way i can get a spring basket.. i give up .. will just sell all the eggs at my gift box.

  • Regina

    I didn’t get a spring basket! How do I get one! It is not! I repeat NOT in my gifts.

  • prachi

    please i want a spring basket?but i don’t know how?

  • Cara

    I Do Not Have A Spring Basket . I Have A Whole 4 Eggs ! Omg . I WANT ONE ):< How Can I Get One. It IS NOT In My Gift Box . It Is Also Not In The Market . Is There Any Other Way I Can Get One ?

  • nik

    i never got one either in my gifts and i just started my farm yesterday.

  • amber presyon

    i never got my spring basket. i have eggs and no where to put them

  • Kim Gondela

    Do not have a spring basket in my gift box.

  • Kimberley Termin

    I never got a spring baskey either and have like 5 or 6 eggs.

  • wes34

    I need one too ive had my farm for 2 months before the event and ive got alomst 20 eggs :O and its cluttering up my gift box as well ,but i didnt get a spring basket and it haunting me >.>

  • Sush

    What is the use of keeping the eggs, if Farmville is not providing me a Spring Basket? At-least they should make this available to a person as soon as he/she gets an egg into his/her gift-box???

    Answer to this query is required if this web page is working…?

    • admin

      well i think the eggs only good for those who have spring basket πŸ™
      but for new player / the one who lost spring basket can’t get it back >.<
      and i think the eggs will be gone in a few weeks and replaced with a new event



  • Sush

    This means that there is no use of these eggs, on basis of your statement I am not ready to sell them at zero value.

  • farmerjane

    ive still got my spring eggs and never received a basket…how r we suppose to redeem these eggs if we never had a basket to begin with….?? i cannot accept any gifts cuz theres so many eggs!!

  • nicolas

    finish spring basket