Stickman Creative Death Level 1 Walkthrough

By | June 30, 2014

Stickman Creative Death Level 1 Walkthrough – Cheats, solution and guide game to kill all stickman and distract them so another stickman won’t see the death.

here’s how to kill the stickman :
you must kill 2 stickman at the same time – water + spoon
burn with electricity + money
with vending machine
make the stickman fall from water

stickman creative death nivel 1 video cheat guide :

stickman creative death niveau 1, press on these items at the right moment :
1. cash register 1st floor
2. right vending machine 2nd floor
3. right lamp 2nd floor
4. spoon on left table 1st floor
5. electricity plug 2nd floor
6. water container 2nd floor
6. electricity plug 1st floor
7. left lamp 2nd floor
8. left vending machine 2nd floor