Super Combine FarmVille

By | September 30, 2010

Super Combine FarmVille ! Introducing the super combine ! now you can complete all your farming actions in one click !

farmville super combine

Get a combine chassis to start building this ultimate vehicle now !

your combine is 3 vehicles in 1 🙂 Just one click and it will automatically :
Harvest ! First, it harvests all ready crops
Plow ! Next, it plows all fallow and withered plots
Plant ! Finally, it plants the seeds of your choice !

you can buy super combine in 2 ways :
1. purchase hot rod combine with 110 farm cash
2. purchase combine chassis with 500,000 coins

if you choose combine chassis, you will need to build it with 40 vehicle parts

how to use super combine in farmville
once you finished you can use super combine like other vehicle, click on super combine and choose farm all option
choose which seed you want to plant, then pick plots you want to plant and click

Every time you use the Super Combine on a plot, the overall end result will be that the new crop will be in place. This means that it will automatically harvest, plow, and re-seed the farm plot if those actions can be done.
If the plot has a crop on it that is not yet ready for harvesting then you can’t do anything with it. If the plot is fallow (or the crop is withered), the Super Combine will plow and seed it, and if it’s been previously plowed, then the Super Combine will simply seed it.

The Super Combine will do this in any combination of plots as well, so if some are fallow, plowed or harvestable—it’ll process them all.

What the Super Combine won’t do however is work on un-used earth—if it hasn’t at least been plowed yet the Super Combine won’t do anything. The Super Combine will also not earn you more XP and coins, or help you save fuel—all of those factors remain the same.

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  • carol ness

    it said i need level 41 i have all the parts but it wont take them to finesh