Super Harvest FarmVille

By | July 14, 2010

Super Harvest FarmVille ! when you harvest crops today maybe you will see ‘super harvest’ text on your crops.

here’s the picture for super harvest! text that pop when harvesting crops :

farmville super harvest !

does it have anything to do with bees on farmville ? well actually they have the same update time 😛 that’s all

so what is super harvest on farmville ?
Looks like you can get super harvest when you have fertilized crops by neighbors and you are using crops that have mastery.
so when you harvest a crop you will get 2 XP
– 1 from fertilization
– 1 from crop mastery bushel

so when you harvesting crops today don’t be surprise if you see super harvest when you harvest your crop 🙂

but some players said that they get the super harvest even though the crops wasn’t fertilized ?? hmm.. there’s no official news about thise feature yet, maybe if you know something you can tell us here 😀

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