Super Stove Cafe World

By | March 27, 2010

Super Stove Cafe World is finally here ! go get a free super stove on your cafe now πŸ™‚

super stoves ! are here ! one click super stoves are here ! all cafe world email club members get one free in inventory !

Tip : remove one of your stoves to make room !

how to get super stove on cafe world ?
as i explained on cafe world super stove, first you must join cafe world email club πŸ™‚ then you must trade a normal stove with the super stove

here’s my guide step by step to get super stove on cafe world :

open your functional and drag 1 normal stove to the functional so you can get free super stove.

hey ! wait a minute πŸ™ you can see it’s 50 cafe cash !!
don’t panic πŸ˜› you can get only 1 free super stove, and for additional super stoves it will cost you 50 cafe cash.

okay, now drag super stove on your cafe !

hey why there’s a pop up that said i don’t have enough cafe cash ??

you see that pop up because you haven’t join cafe world email club yet πŸ˜›

how to join cafe world email club ?
well i already explained this before… anyway, just click the super stove icon

you will see a pop up and click “reserve your stove“, then you will see another pop up :

allow the permission πŸ™‚

okay now i already join the cafe world email club ^^ time to get a free super stove !

hey why it said that i must level up to unlock additional stoves ?? and as you can see there’s an extra X1 for my normal stove ??
okay i give up, just give me back my normal stove T__T

again.. don’t panic πŸ˜› hmm.. if you give up you can click the super stove icon, and get back to functional
then you can drag your normal cafe back.

but.. if you already join cafe world email club and still can’t get a free super stove, that’s mean you must restart the cafe world application πŸ˜€

already restart the cafe world ? now click function and drag the super stove to your cafe !

so what so special for cafe world super stove ?
If you put bacon cheeseburger on a normal stove you will see some steps like :
gathering – slicing – dicing – shaping

but if you put bacon cheesburger on super stove, you won’t see any steps πŸ˜› yeah it’s skips !

i hope this guide helps everyone else that is trying to get the Cafe World Super Stove

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  • Myra

    It will not let me join for some reason

  • vianna

    i cant see the link that you were displaying the “allow publishing” link.. maybe becoz im using a browser… anyways.. is there a website that we log in aside from FB that we can join?.. cant we just join using this site?… thanks

  • soni

    hello Lightchan, would you mind to post a topic about Ice Cream Sundae’s Point, because i’m so corious about the CP points, Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Linda Carroll

    Please send me my request to receive my super stove. I can not get the link to allow my permission to receive emails.

  • Num Yummy

    So we still have to wait the five minutes for the burgers?!

  • Supriya

    Hey really really thnx for ypur help i got a sup[erstove with ur guideline u r too gr88…Thank you….HEY JUST WANTED TO ASK U HOW TO HIRE AN WAITER IN cafe world I HAV ALREADY AT LEVEL AT N WINDOW ALSO POPPED UP SAYING THAT YOU CAN HIRE A WAITER WHERE TIO GO N HIRE…..PLZ HELP ME

  • LΓ©a Zymer

    Ma fille a fait un mauvais clic et ma super stove est parti avec 20 billets et je n’ai pas 50 billets pour acheter une autre comment faire merci de me rΓ©pondre

  • Matthew

    thank u dude

  • jodie

    you can now get more super stoves, for a one of payment of 100,000 for the frames, you can build as meany as you want with the help of your friends like in the first one.

  • Cyndi

    So all it does is skip steps but doesn’t cook faster?