Survivor Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough

By | February 12, 2014

Survivor Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough ! defend yourself by finding gun and don’t get eaten by zombies ! multiple puzzles to solve, many items to collect, combine and solve puzzle puzzle numbers to get more item and weapon !
room escape game by amphibius developer on andoid – You are a survivor of the outbreak, you have fled into the woods in order to avoid the inevitable.

the game is still in development and when it’s available on google play we will make the cheat guide for the step by step how to solve the puzzle of survivor zombie outbreak solutions 🙂

get the key on left and open the door
move to the kitchen and get the chess piece & cloth
put it on chessboard and get a screwdriver
use the screwdriver as icepick to get hammer inside freezer

get a pliers and bullets on the right cabinet
use the hammer to kill zombie on the 2nd floor
open the door and use hammer on these pumpkin :
2 5 9
6 1 3
4 8 7
get a gun and combine it with bullets

tap the zombie for code : 56382272
enter these number on phone for key
open the mailbox outside with the key for code : 75050
use the key to open 2nd floor door
get a magnet on table, blue butterfly on bed
enter city dallas zip code : 75050 to get 3199

there’s a crayon on floor, these are the code to open the cabinet on left side to the fireplace

full survivor: zombie outbreak solution cheats :

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