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Fix Diablo 3 Error 32105 Auction House

Having another auction house error like diablo 3 error 32105 : Auction Failed and can’t post item ? how to fix error 32105 in diablo 3 : 1. Repair the item even it says the item is full durability. 2. Retry, if it doesn’t work, fix the item again. – So Take your item, and put it in… Read More »

Fix Diablo 3 Error 3003

Got any diablo 3 error 3003 : Unable to connect to the service or connection was interrupted ? usually this issue will get resolved by battle.net, so you don’t have to do anything how to fix and just wait for it 🙂 but let’s get to know more why this error is happening : Error 3003 usually means… Read More »

Fix Diablo 3 Requires A New Operating System

If you play on windows pc probably some of you will get diablo 3 requires a new operating system error when installing ! If you’re using Win7 ultimate 64bit and had the “need newer OS” msg have can in compatibility mode (right click installer n go propertys > compatability) and can in compatability mode for win XP sp3… Read More »

Fix Diablo 3 Error 3172 Auction Failed

Another problem on auction house that take your money and lost it is diablo 3 error 31072 ! Usually you get AH error 31072 when selling and post items which will pop auction failed and endless “processing auction”. To those who are having failed auction issues and gold being taken anyways – make sure you’re checking your transaction… Read More »

Fix Diablo 3 Error 31071 Auction House

Did you get diablo 3 error 31071 when trying to purchase or bid on any item in auction house ? I’ve tried re-logging, changing quantity, etc., nothing works and lost some money 🙁 how to fix error 31071 in diablo 3 ? well thx to NightFury we have some explanation here : I read that error 31071 occurs… Read More »