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Farmville Dun Dun Dun Quest Enchanted Glen

Unfold the mystery and act fast to save fairy sola start with farmville dun dun dun quest before we confront the goblin king missions rewards : Spectator Bunny, Nix Gnome, Tree of Sadness, Huggy Bear, Lucas Gnome, Enchanted Armor Pegasus farmville enchanted glen chapter 7 walkthrough goals : goal 1: Dun Dun Dun Quest – Get 6 Popcorn… Read More »

Farmville Feed the Fungus Quest Enchanted Glen

The home mushroom is in dangerous condition, help rain fairy to save it in farmville feed the fungus quest ! new missions rewards : Toadstool Turtle, Sun Beam Forest, Fairy Dust Satchel Tree, Singing Brownie Bull, Dance of Growth, Toadstool Unicorn enchanted glen chapter 6 goals : goal 1: Feed the Fungus Quest – Get 6 Mushroom Food… Read More »

Farmville Say the Magic Word Quest Enchanted Glen

Meet imber the rain fairy and nix in farmville say the magic word quest ! the fairy suspicious of tempest is growing because of the the locked down throne, check the complete story here new missions rewards : Abracadabrat, Peaceful Fairy, Toadstool Tree, Invisible Chicken, Spectral Garden, Storm Pegasus enchanted glen chapter 5 walkthrough guide : goal 1:… Read More »