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Farmville Harvest Hoedown Missions Links

To build harvest hoedown you’ll need @5 materials : bowl of punch, bowl of snacks, bucket of paint, but for farmville harvest hoedown missions you’ll need these music items : details for each goals : grooving quest : 6 guitars prima donnas quest : 6 fiddles picking it quest : 6 banjos keeping time quest : 6 stand… Read More »

Farmville Groovin Missions

The Harvest Hoedown is here! Work with friends to build and upgrade it, and then harvest your neighbors’ or your own to collect Scrap Lumber for your coming soon Bonfire Basket! Build yours now to start the party with farmville groovin missions ! 6 goals with rewards like xp, coins, Bowl of Snacks, fruits and snacks but for… Read More »