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Castleville A Pirate’s Debt Quest

Sonja is in debt ! so help her repay her debt in castleville a pirate’s debt quest 🙂 there are a total of 7 missions and you’ll get coins + XP for these goals A pirate always pays her debts ! walkthrough guide : mission 1: Pirate in Debt Quest – Tend 5 Flowers – Buy 3 new… Read More »

Castleville Please Stay Quest Sonjas Pirate Tavern

Help Sonja open up her Pirate Tavern start with please stay quest ! finish all sonjas pirate tavern mission to get some new pirate theme item rewards 🙂 missions requirements : mission 1 : Please Stay Quest Craft 15 Wood Planks (Craft in the Workshop) Tend 40 Flowers Spend 100,000 Coins, lavish Sonja with gifts. Or Gnome Statues… Read More »