Take Back The Street Mafia Wars

By | March 30, 2011

Take Back The Street Mafia Wars is a new limited mission that can give you grand prize with stats : 85 attack 143 defense

mafia wars take back the streets
in this world, you don’t earn respect. you take it back by force – alex nash

there are 6 missions :

mafia wars origin story
– get support from your mafia
– rob 8 times in bangkok
– Build 1 armor
reward : 2 yellow sea snakes (64 attack 40 defense)

mafia wars r.e.s.p.e.c.t.
– boss fight : john yun
– fight 25 opponents in bangkok
– declare war 2x

mafia wars greed is great
– get support from your mafia
– rob 2x in new york
– boss fight : alex nash
reward : 3 Steel plate jacket (42 attack 70 defense)

mafia wars town painted red
– rob 10x in vegas
– ask for 5 backpacks from mafia
– collect from your pocker room 1x
reward : embargo net (71 attack 138 defense)

mafia wars battle las vegas
– boss fight victor lil loco alves
– ice opponents in vegas
– declare war 1x

mafia wars blood and wine
– rob 13x in italy
– collect from your auto boutuque 1x
– boss fight richie carone
rewards : hawkeye classic (85 attack 143 defense)

  • Fredo

    Thx for the info
    any idea how many fighter to ice in the battle Las Vegas ?