Tap Play Level 1-1 to 1-15 Walkthrough

By | December 1, 2012

Solve mini puzzle game tap play by Gipnetix Games on your android device ! your goal is to click the play button, and earn 3 stars on each stage to unlock next planet. We have the answer for tap play walkthrough here !

use these cheat solution for every level that you stuck at 😛

tap play 1-1 tap play
click the button

tap play 1-2 paint
click the paint then the button

tap play 1-3 sticks
click the top stick to the bottom one, you’ll find a mini button

tap play 1-4 chains
drag the all the chains up, click the one with play button

tap play 1-5 sunflower
tear down the yellow part from the top and clockwise

tap play 1-6 puzzle
put the button part in the right square

tap play 1-7 paper race
roll the toilet paper until you see the button

tap play 1-8 make play
drag the circle to left spot, right spot then the middle
you’ll have the play button now


tap play 1-9 make play
click the straw to make the drink gone and click the play button

tap play 1-10 make play
drag the star to all stars combined into 1 and move it to the hat
click the stick and drag the bunny ear

tap play 1-11 make play
close the monkey eye
close the monkey ear with hands
close the monkey mouth

tap play 1-12 make play
pump up the balloon until it explode
now click the button

tap play 1-13 make play
click the target on the balloon to make it explode

tap play 1-14 make play
click the red and blue button to reveal the code
1 2 5 4

tap play 1-15 make play
click the top to see the right roman numbers
enter 5 3 1 5

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