Tap Play Level 2-1 to 2-15 Walkthrough

By | December 2, 2012

Solve 15 level for the 2nd planet easily with this cheat for tap play level 2-1 to 2-15 walkthrough 😛 play this android puzzle game now !

Think before TAP, to earn 3 STARS you have to do as few as possible taps. Your GOAL is to click PLAY button !

here are the tap play answers :

tap play 2-1 mixer
click the machine, drag the circle to the machine then the triangle

tap play 2-2 puppies
click the right order from A B C D E F

tap play 2-3 let there be light
change the bulb then click the switch

tap play 2-4 numbers
remember the numbers then click it in order

tap play 2-5 toast
click the switch, plug in the power
click the circle red button
slide down the long red button
then click it again

tap play 2-6 apple cut
drag the knife to the apple
then start to slide the knife to left and right

tap play 2-7 sunny day
open the curtain then the window

tap play 2-8 snails racing
count how many clicks for each snail
the answer is 5473

tap play 2-9 screwdriver
unscrew the square then click the puzzle to make play button in the right position

tap play 2-10 time to play
rotate the clock’s hand to make the sun reach the flag

tap play 2-11 prison break
click the board until it crack and gone
slide the ladder to the left rock
drag the circle to the rock

tap play 2-12 love story
click the rock that crack on the bottom left
click the heart, then pull up the bridge

tap play 2-13 demolition
press the plane on each building until all of them gone

tap play 2-14 out of space
make the right size of each planet

tap play 2-15 workshop
click the top square of the moving tool to make it catch the box

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  • Shana

    I am stuck on Tap Play 2-14 (out of space). Maybe it’s too late @ night or I’m overanalyzing it or something, but the “answer/hint” this site is giving me just says “make the right size of each planet” & every combination I try doesn’t seem to work. Can someone explain to me how get past this level? Thanks, in advance, for help w/ this frustration!


    • admin

      from smallest to biggest (1-4) : top 3 4 bottom : 2 1
      so you don’t have to click the grumpy planet 😛 hope this help shana 🙂

  • Kristen

    I cant get past level 14 in the second world im really getting mad with that level and I try combinations butnit wont go through please help

  • nique

    No matter how many times I drag the circle to the rock it wont let me pass it on level 11