Terrier Puppy FarmVille

By | April 21, 2010

Terrier Puppy FarmVille 🙂 a new puppy has arrived in the market !

This terrier is only 5000 coins for those with 15 neighbors or more !
Remember all of the breeds provide different benefits and more are on the way !

Buy this terrier dog now ! Go to the market and you can choose to purchase with 5000 coins or 65 farm cash
remember that the cash puppy won’t run away if you don’t feed them, but the coins puppy will 😛

always remember to feed the coin terrier with puppy kibble for 14 days until it grow up, if you forget then terrier puppy will run away.

farmville terrier puppy

what are the benefits from terrier puppy on farmville ?
after you feed puppy kibble for 14 days then terrier will grow up and the grown up terrier can harvest all rabbits in farmville

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  • Julie Bellm

    I accidentalally purchased my farmville terrier around 11:00 pm. not realizing she can’t be fed bfore that time again. Is that right? Is there anyway that I can change the feeding time for her as I do not want to be up so late for the next 13 nights. Preferably anytime between 8 pm – to 10:00pm is the best time for me. I do not want it to run away then start from that point.Can you help me. Can this be done ???I sure hope so

    • admin

      hi julie, i’m afraid you can’t change the time 🙁 you can only feed the terrier when the ‘hungry in‘ changed into ‘feed
      and don’t worry the feed time is the same like hungry time, but you must feed it before the feed time reach 00:00