The Floor Escape Walkthrough Level 1 – 10

By | March 31, 2013

Don’t find any new challenge for room escape game puzzle ? then try this game because you will see some different puzzle to be solved ! we have the floor escape walkthrough start from level 1 – 10 to help you pass each floor 🙂

Introducing one of the most addictive “Room Escape” puzzle game for Android, a new door escape game by Perfect Games INC.

100 floors escape cheats :

the floor escape level 1 walkthrough
press the button on left to open the lift door

the floor escape level 2 walkthrough
get the sun on bottom left floor, put it on the door

the floor escape level 3 walkthrough
move the left vase to the right
click the elevator button

the floor escape level 4 walkthrough
get the fire extinguisher
use it on the fire on the floor

the floor escape level 5 walkthrough
shake your phone / device to make the glass drop and break


the floor escape level 6 walkthrough
get the hammer
break all the bottles, including the one on the shelf

the floor escape level 7 walkthrough
tap the sack and board so it move to the corner on each side
get the phone icon on the floor
put it on the left phone symbol

the floor escape level 8 walkthrough
get the fly swatter
use it to kill 3 mosquitos and the door will open

the floor escape level 9 walkthrough
tap the carpet and drag the magnifying glass up
see the X mark on the world map ? it’s on the right side
drag the magnifying glass to the cross mark

the floor escape level 10 walkthrough
drag the envelope color to the right mail box color
if you make a mistake you will need to repeat from the first step
there are 2 envelope for each colors

proceed to 100 floors escape solutions level 11

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