The Floor Escape Level 59 60 61 Walkthrough

By | April 26, 2013

I don’t know why they changed the 100 floors escape into “the”, and add some ads screen pop up which really annoying to play.. so if you missed the last 2 levels because we just found out today, so we will start from the latest stage on the solutions : the floor escape level 59 60 61 walkthrough !

there are no puzzle numbers, so it’s pretty easy to solve 😛

help for the floor escape cheats :

the floor escape level 59 walkthrough
use the broom to swipe the floor until you can tilt the left and right wall
change the symbol on door :
top left : pointing down
top right : pointing up
bottom left : pointing left
bottom right : pointing right

the floor escape level 60 walkthrough
get the red cloth on floor and swipe the picture on left and right
it will reveal : 3 green and 2 red
shake your phone to drop the ball
tilt to left and right so the ball moves in these order : green red green red green


the floor escape level 61 walkthrough
change the color from left to right :
1. top : yellow – bottom : magenta
2. top : orange – bottom : blue
3. top : red – bottom : yellow
4. top : green – bottom : orange
5. top : magenta – bottom : light green

proceed to 100 floors escape level 62

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