The Room Epilogue Cheats

By | September 7, 2013

Walkthrough for the room epilogue cheats is available ! you can play this game on your ipad, iphone or ipod just make sure you have the latest ios update from itunes
we have a lot of clue hints for the last chapter of this room escape game solution, we have solve the piano puzzle if you stuck on that one 🙂 so read the guide below

after entering stonehenge and greenball animation, you will see a round box on table
where on earth am i ?

the room epilogue solutions :
click on the paper with AS symbol
a queer sense of movement
not quite turning, not quite falling
i felt myself cross the threshold, and the visions abated
perhaps they only served to drive me to this place ?
the route back closes behind me, but a way forward opens ahead
something is drawing me on, in case you are with me, i will try to guide you along the path
i pray you never came, i pray you just another of my dreams

look at the piano note with X on top right
the piano keys are marked on B, D and F

look at the paper with ball wood picture and pen on it
a notepad with a sketch of the null element

use your eyepiece to see a handprint on the table
click to rotate and match the hand, it will lift up and you can click the button to pick up a small gear

find a small square on the table side
slide it down to reveal hidden gears, place the small gear on the triangle spot and press the button
the bottom part will move

look at the circles orb
move the slider to pass each orb :
left – up – 1st orb
left – up – 2nd orb
right – up – right – down – 3rd orb
right – down – 4th orb
left – left – up – 5th & 6th orbs
left – up – right – turn the switch
now light the orb again, and this time you must run the switch on the bottom
after the switch went down a circle hatch will open and rise from the table
you will get a metal orb

rotate the blue orb until you see some symbol to press
open the orb and look at the machine, get another small gear

look at the table side with wood and symbols :
3 dots = S with 2 dots
2 dots = square and small +
1 dot = triangle
find the table side with symbols, you must click the slide to reveal 3 markers
slide the markets like the symbols for each dots
get a coin

back to the table side with gears
place the small gear on top spot with square
the drawer will open, and you will get a strangely shaped key

open the black box with this key, press the key and click the button
try to click the button to other side and look at the black box right side
there’s a hatch to open
you can get a new key from top side and a metal plate from bottom side

use the key to open other side of black box
now you must try to press this key and another key until you find 2 button on the new side
press both squares at the same time and 2 hatch will open
use your eyepiece to see the numbers on sticks
rotate the sticks and match them into numbers : 573
slide the numbers into 573, it will close both hatch and open a new part

look on table side with octagon shape
place the metal plate on it to open the piano keys
if you remember the note from the first one, you must click these tunes : B, D and F
1 2 3 4 – 5 6 7 – 8 9 10 11
press keys at the same time :
4 – 6 – 8

a round slot will come out, put the coin on it and the follow the guide to play the piano
get a metal handle when you’re done

will continue the rest soon

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