The Sims 3 : 5 Fun Ways To Kill Your Sim

By | July 3, 2009

Already bored with your sims ? or maybe you wat to punish your sims because they caused you a lot of stress 😛 You can have fun with them with other way by killing them 😀 (evil laugh). There are 5 ways how to kill your sims, well i only found 5… maybe if you find other ways, you can share with us here 🙂

Okay let’s get started :

1. Death by Fire

For the most part, Sims will only die by fire if they get trapped in a room with the flames. You know, after you’ve removed the door. Fires are generally started by ignoring food on the stove.

One it starts, it’ll quickly spread. And if your Sim manages to catch, they will need to find a source of water, or they’ll die horribly. If a Sim dies by fire, they return as a red ghost with small flames inside of them, where they’ll be met by the Reaper and taken to the hereafter.

The best and most expedient way to kill your Sims by fire is trap them in a room and set a fire. It’s a simple matter of removing the doors, and watching them burn like marshmallows.

A particularly devious way to take them all out is to throw a party for the Sims. Once they guests arrived and the fun begins, remove all the doors and start a door by leaving some food on the stove for too long. The celebration will get toasty in a hurry 😀

2. Death by Drowning

This one is an old standby, i used this way since The Sims. Sims fans have been dropping their unloved characters in pools and removing the ladders since time began. But Sims 3 has added a new wrinkle to the proceedings… they can still climb out! Yes, it’s actually possible for your Sim to escape even if there’s no ladder.

Of course, fatigue can still play a large factor in potential drownings, even with the ability to escape. If a fatigued mood shows up for the Sim with a timer, you have until the timer runs out to get them out of there. Otherwise, it’s down to the watery depths. Sims who die this way return as a blue ghost.

In Sims 3, the Sim can simply climb out of a pool and escape, but so what? Just keep canceling the action, and they’ll be helpless. Alternatively, you can put up some sort of barrier to keep them from getting out. The easy answer is “walls,” but we prefer to be more environmentally conscious.

Yes, this unfortunate Sim has fallen victim to a wall of trees. We felt that it was important that we give nature a boost while going about our grisly work. It may even give some other Sim a mood boost later on.

3. Death by Electrocution

The most common cause of accidental death. It happens most often to clumsy Sims who try and test fate by tinkering with electrical equipment, or using an electrical object while standing a puddle of water. Hey, Mom always said not to bring the radio in the bathtub.

You’ll know that you’re on the verge of electrocution if your Sim gets a “Singed” mood after failing to repair some piece of electrical equipment. If the Sim tries again, they’ll be riding the lightning straight into the afterlife. Sims who die via electricity return as a yellow ghost.

This one can be surprisingly difficult to create on purpose though. It’s more apt to happen accidentally. You can try repairing things until the big shock arrives, or you can try having a Mad Scientist perform an experiment on it. Tinkering with things like stereos while standing in water can also bring about electrocution. Unfortunately, all of these can take quite a while, and you may find yourself standing in puddles of water tinkering for ages. Be prepared to be patient.

4. Death by Starvation

When your Sim is hungry, you’ll know it. They’ll grab their stomach, make terrible noises, and just generally be grouchy. After a while, they’ll get the starving mood, and a timer will appear. If they don’t get some food in them, and quickly, they will die.

This one takes quite a while to happen… three days, to be exact. Three days of watching the Sim stamp their feet and gag. Kind of makes you hungry, actually. A starving Sim appears as a purple ghost.

This one is only fun if you’re trying to get the “complete set” of death. Otherwise, it takes too long to be any kind of satisfying. That is, unless you like watching your Sim suffer horribly, which is probably the case if you’re reading this section. Starving your Sim isn’t exactly an art… trap them somewhere without food and watch them waste away. It’s fun for the whole family.

5. Death by Old Age

The inevitable end of every Sim, unless you decide to turn off the aging process that is. In which case, congratulations on cheating death, you cheater. It comes on rather suddenly… pop, and your Sim is a ghost. No suffering about it.

If you want your Sim to be able to dance on the graves of other elders, there are a few options available beyond simply granting immortality. Top gardeners can grow Life Fruit, which will extend your Sims’ lifespan. Once the end finally arrives, your Sim will return as a grey ghost.

Sadly, death by natural causes isn’t particularly satisfying for the sadists amongst us. For one thing, it’s extemely quick. But we’re sure you’ll find a way to enjoy it nevertheless.

See.. you can find a colored ghostred ghost, yellow ghost, blue ghost, purple ghost, and a default white ghost with a fun ways to kill your sims 🙂

sorry if some images is not available >.< i'm still searched where did i keep the old images

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  • 1234567890000000lolotroll

    does the metiyour work on sims 3? coz i really need to kill this guy quickly!!

  • courtney

    Im to scared to kill any of my sims! I cant play at night mme, cuz im a scardy cat. Loved all coments lol.

  • lyriana

    Meteor does not require any watching the skies through a telescope. I had my sim working in her garden and one randomly fell on her and killed her. It also made a huge dent in the ground and ruined my garden. *grins*

  • lena

    am trying to kill a sim of mine and it was taking FOREVER so i searched for a movie or website to find a wonderful death for my sim and as i was reading about starving a death i just thought this: put your sims in a room-any room- sell the door-or doors if you have 2 door in that room-then just wait and care for your other sims-if you have any- and the 3rd day your sim on death role in a room check on them then if the sim is dead do the other stuff but this would AWESOME i LOVE this site!

  • lena

    i really really REALLY want a baby ghost i hear you can take a sim then kill-anyway you like-him/her then take it to the science place and make him/her into a ghost and play that sim as a ghost if that ghost was a young or full grown adult girl/boy sim and you have another girl/boy sim at you house get the ghost and the alive sim to make out and you have your self a ghost baby is that true?

  • lena

    WTF!! WTF!!!! WTF! WHAT THE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i killed my sim ,which was SUPER SUPER FUN,in fire the grim reaper came-the only guy in the family made the grim reaper leave and since my boy sim is VERY strong the reaper guy left the sec my boy sim came out-did what he normally does oe of my sims take the sim i killed and took it’s urn to the science center and GUESS WHAT FIING HAPPENED? IT FAILED AND NUMBER 2 REASON TO KIILL THAT SIM WAS TO PLAY AS IT AS A GHOST IF IT’S TRUE THAT A SIM THAT WAS KILLEDCAN BE BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE,MAKEOUT WITH A VERY CLOSE MALE/FEMALE SIM,YOU CAN HAVE A BABY SIM IF IT WORKS but it was super fun took some time though and the firemen i called came and wasn’t able to get to the fire boy that was awesome

  • lena

    i found out what happened to my ghost girl! yay! yay! give me a g! give me a h! give me a o! give me a s! give me a t! what does that spell? ghost! lol cheerleader cheer:) and i am playiing new ghost sim as a …drum role now!*drum role starts*ghost! trying to have ghost baby stupid dad isn’t helping:( oh the same sim that is a ghost-the fire ghost-almost got the WHOLE house… STUPID GHOST SIM!and if you have a family with a dad and mom who fight push ctrl+shift+c that type testingcheatsenabled true you then pull the dad’s and mom’s friendship to friendship on each friend/family thing it awsome! oh trying to kill a sim with eletrocution whats the best way to do it?

  • darcey

    im trying to make most of my sims dead i ve only done one but theres one thats starving but will it turn into a ghost. could u have a baby ghost?
    tht would be arsome but theres no boy in mine so i cant if u fing out more PLZ PLZ let me know BECAUSE I WANT TO DO EACH ONE ON DIFF FAMILYS. why? u ask because its cool my friend did

  • lena

    Darcey wanna know something? i killed the ghost sims husband but she-the ghost- didn’t get the call where ii could be able to control the husband as a ghost i guess who have to have three soms. get the 3 sim to marry the x-husband or wife-depends if you killed the wife or husband to try to make ghost family-then kill the new husband or wife the 3 sim has and then that sim gets the call accept the call tak ethe grave to science center wait till night and then you have ghost sim 2 then get the ghosts sims married and TATA! you have yourself a baby when the ghosts sims makeout a few times! then you can wrack their wedding and don’t gett them married!

  • lena

    oh if your very very very VERY VERY VERY sick enough to do this then I DEMAND FOR YOUR HEAD TO BE CUT OF,BODY BE CHOPPED INTO PIECES,FED TO SHARK-AS IN YOUR WHOLE CHOPPED UP BODY AND YOUR HEAD FED TO SHARKS-anyway someone fing posts -on youtube- a movie of a new mother sim eating her fing her about almost 1 night old newborn baby! thats is so gross that the second that sim put her almost 1 night old newborn baby in a barbecue thing-i swear that poor baby was not token care of very good either-i problay would have thrown up if i hadn’t made myself throw up lost of times before!

  • lizz martino

    i am killing my sim the pool way but when she gets tired she gets out and i cant stop her getting out !!!!! what do i dooooo??

  • lena

    do you have a wall around the pool when your sim is in your pool? if not that’s your problem you need a wall it can be made out of building wall,trees,fences,etc

  • madeleine

    i had a sim die when he wasnt starving yet but died is this possible?

  • lena

    what did you do BEFORE that sim died? did you see what color of ghost he/she turned in to? it’s important to know what color ghost he/she turned into blue=drowned orange=burned to death purple=starved to death white/grey=died of old age yellow= died of elecriade i hope this helps

  • :-)

    ok so open the cheat thing u enter cheqts in then enter testingcheatsenabled true ,then click yourteen sim on the side were it has all houshold members then shift clicj adults or sims u dont want anmore or towns people u hate 😉 then click ibject then click delete it then u r done 🙂 hope this helps! 🙂 🙂 🙂