The Sims 3 Ambrosia

By | June 2, 2009

What is Ambrosia ? Ambrosia is a food that can add our lifetime/antiaging (aging process will be reset back to the left)



Want to know how to get Ambrosia ? Here’s my sims 3 guide / tutorial :

Required Skills: Cooking (lv 10), Gardening (lv 7), Fishing
Required Items: DeathFish, Life Fruit, Ambrosia Recipe

Reasons why you need the skills :
Cooking (lv 10) to learn the Recipe
Fishing to fish DeathFish (higher lv to have better chance)
Gardening (lv 7) to grow Life Plant (which give Life Fruit)

How to obtain DeathFish, Life Fruit and Ambrosia Recipe ?
DeathFish: Fish at the Graveyard after 2 a.m using: Cheese (buy at grocery) => Alley Catfish => AngelFish => DeathFish
Life Fruit: collected somewhere (Collector Helper really help here) or from Science Career (9)
Ambrosia Recipe: You can buy this recipe for $12000 at the bookstore and read it

What else Ambrosia does ?
– Make your Sims young forever.
Revive your Ghost Sims.
– Give +75 Mood Boost for 7 days.
– Make you feel happy =P

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  • Leusoj

    Thanks for the info.

    About deathfish: You can fish it as early as 12:00AM.

  • Leukemia ..soj..sob..sob

    life fruit seed can be collected in area near the graveyard (outside the graveyard)

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  • Mariah

    k so i got the life fruit and death fish annndd i read the book about ambrosia but when i went to the fridge to make a desert the ambrosia option doesnt come up :S

  • Leyah

    I have all ingredients for Ambrosia, too..mastered
    gardening, cooking and fishing. Read recipe, skill
    book says I have mastered. ButI cannot get option
    to make when I go to fridge. 🙁
    My Sim is 30 days from dying of old age, I set at
    epic (963)
    Someone pls help with this bug? ty

  • Silick

    What does ambrosia do exactly? Does it only reset your sim’s current age or it freexes it forever?

  • Jo

    Okay so I’ve had the same problem as Leyah and Mariah for every time I’ve amde a game when I leveled up my sim to 10 for fishing cooking and gardening and the option for ambrosia doesn’t come up. It’s because you’re clicking on the group serving option on the fridge, not the single one, you can only make one portion at a time. (Yes, after about 5 times of making a sim up to this level do I finally realise this… fail =] ) Hope this helps