The Sims 3 Fishing Tutorial

By | July 16, 2009

Okay after the last Sims 3 Gardening Tutorial, now i have tips and tricks for Fishing in Sims 3 🙂

Fishing Skill is good for 3 things :
1. Keeping food on the table
2. Earning money
3. Relaxing 😛

The Fishing skill can started by reading a book, taking a class, or just out to a body of water and using the Fish interaction. Once the Fishing skill is underway, the skill increases either by continued reading or continued fishing. Just having a hook under the surface is enough to develop the skill, but this is a slow way to learn. The skill actually gets a bump when you catch a fish, and the bigger the fish, the bigger the skill bump.

Certain traits in addition to Angler affect the Fishing skill. Loves the Outdoor Sims get great moodlets from just being outside and fishing. Hates Outdoors, Easily Bored, or Clumsy dampen the ability to catch fish. If a Sim has any of these traits, perhaps they should pick up the guitar instead of the rod. When a fish is hoisted out of the water, the Sims hold it up and the weight of the fish is automatically logged in the Skill Journal. If it’s a new type of fish, that is also noted.

Once the Sims reaches level 3, they can choose the Bait interaction at the water’s edge to use a specific type of bait while fishing. Bait is essential if a Sim hopes to catch more than just basic fish in the water, such as the Goldfish. Gain levels also unlocks the ability to catch certain fish. However, just unlocking a type of fish doesn’t guarantee actually catching it.

Each fish has one favourite type of bait, and you should use that bait to catch that fish. Learn what that bait is by experimenting with different types of bait or by reading bait books purchased from the bookstore.

Bait is not enough though, certain fish exist only in certain locations, so you have to find where a fish lurks befoure you can catch it. Use the Inspect Water interaction to get an idea of the types of fish that your Sim is high enough level to catch.


Fish Skill Level Required Commonality Locations Found Preferred Bait Minimum weight Maximum weight Value at min weight Value at max weight Skill Points for Catching
Minnow 0 Common Lakes,Ocean Apple 0.1 0.5 5 11 120
Anchovy 0 Common Ocean Tomato 0.1 0.5 5 11 120
Goldfish 1 Common Lakes Lettuce 0.1 2 6 16 132
Alley Catfish 1 Uncommon Lakes,Ocean Cheese 0.1 5 6 20 132
Jellyfish 2 Common Ocean Grapes 0.1 10 8 19 140
Rainbow Trout 2 Common Lakes Egg 1 10 9 10 140
Red Herring 3 Common Lakes,Ocean Hot Dogs 1 10 5 5 160
Tuna 3 Common Ocean Onion 2 40 11 25 160
Piranha 4 Uncommon Lakes Watermelon 5 15 14 30 185
Tragic Clownfish 4 Uncommon Lakes,Ocean Bell Pepper 5 40 13 32 185
Siamese Catfish 5 Common Lakes,Ocean Minnow 3 25 14 41 220
Blowfish 5 Uncommon Ocean Potato 5 40 13 47 220
Salmon 6 Common Ocean Lime 10 50 14 45 255
Black Goldfish 6 Common Lakes Goldfish 5 25 16 49 255
Shark 7 Uncommon Lakes,Ocean Red Herring 1 150 7 70 295
Swordfish 7 Common Ocean Anchovy 20 60 17 60 295
Angelfish 8 Uncommon Lakes,Ocean AlleyCatfish 2 60 21 85 340
Vampire Fish 8 Rare Graveyard Garlic 25 80 55 225 1.000
Robot Fish 9 Rare Science Facility Piranha 250 1.000 50 275 1.000
Lobster 9 Common Lakes,Ocean Tuna 5 50 25 120 400
Deathfish 10 Rare Graveyard Angelfish 20 80 200 1.000 1.500

There are 5 things you can do with fish :
1. Eat
Eating the fish is the most natural. Just place the fish in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.
2. Sell
Fishing Sims can make quite a bit of cash selling “sea kittens” to the EverFresh market.
3. Use it as bait
Fish can be used as bait to catch other fish too 😛
4. Use it as fertilizer for your garden
5. Keep it as a pet
Fish also make good pets, especially if keeping fish is related to a Lifetime Wish. Buy the Shrinkomatic Bowl from Buy Mode, and place them around the house to store caught fish by left-clicking on the bowl and chooseing Stock. Pay attention to them.. fish in bowls must be fed regularly. A dead fish left unattended starts to stink, which results in the Disgusted moodlet.

Fish have environmental bonuses, too. The rarer and larger the fish, the more it contributes to the room’s decor. Keep nice, rare fish in bowls to get the Nicely Decorated moodlet.

Skill Challenges
Amateur Ichtyologist :
Amateur Ichthyologists have caught at least one of every fish type. Their deep understanding of marine life helps them catch the bigger fish.
Commercial Fisherman :
Commercial Fisherman have caught at least 350 fish. They catch more fish in less time than normal Sims.

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