The Sims 3 Gardening Tutorial

By | July 14, 2009

Gardening is a great skill for Green Thumb Sims, Sims who want to cook, and Sims who like the outdoors… and gardening skill is a great way to make extra money on the side 😛 So here’s the sims 3 tutorial, i hope this tips and trick for gardening help you =)

You can lern gardening skill by taking gardening class, or reading gardening book. You can also plant a seed and cultivate it to start developing the skill.
Once the skill has been acquired, Sims can choose the plant interaction from seeds and other harvestables in their personal inventories. When they continue leveling, they can unlock 2 more interactions : weed and fertilize.

One clever thing you can do with a growing harvestable is talk to it. Talk to plant is available if a sim has the green thumb trait, or the insane trait 😛

Unlockable Interactions For Gardening Skill Development

Interactions Level Effect
Weed 2 Sims can pull up chocking wees before they damage a harvestable. The higher the skill level, the less time it takes to clear weeds around a plant
Fertilize 3 Fertilizing is key to growing the best harvestables. The quality of the fertilizer is what affects the potential growth of the harvestable
Uncommon Seeds 5 Once the sims reaches this level, they can plant uncommon seeds
Revive Plant 6 If a sim has the green thumb trait, this interaction is unlocked at level 6. A dying plant can be rescued with a pretty high success rate by using this interaction.
Rare Seeds 7 Once the sims reaches this level, they can plant rare seeds
Special Plants 8,9,10 At level 8, you get the first of three special gardening oppotrunities from the chef at the bistro. There is one opportunity per level, once all three have been completed.. the sims receives Omni Plant seeds and the ability to plant them 🙂

What is Omni Plant ? Imagine a plant that grows into whatever fertilizer you give it… Give the Omni Plant a book and the Omni Plant will soon blossom great texts 🙂

Oh yeah.. try to grow garlic and watermelon for simple cash crops. Just keep planting the highest quality of these harvestables and churn the garden until it becomes a money machine 😀

To raise the best harvestables, you must show no mercy with your plants. Keep growing as many as you can and dispose of the lowest quality ones.. so you keep breeding higher quality harvestables. Combine this tactic with raising your skill level to keep growing better harvestables. Using quality harvestables in your cooking improves the quality of recipes, which in turn gives out better meal related moodlets.

There are few amazing trees and plants out there, including the coveted Money Tree. The Money Tree gives off Simoleons if it’s properly cared for, but.. it’s a high maintenance plant.
If you don’t take good care of the Money Tree, it will explode into bills that must be paid !

Grow the Flame Fruit and then keep one in your pocket to enjoy the warmed moodlet wherever you go. Once you have unlocked it, you can order more Omni Plant seeds through the mailbox.


Ingredient Effectiveness Fish Effectiveness
Cheese 1 Anchovy 1
Burger Patty 1 Goldfish 1
Egg 1 Alley Catfish 1
Lettuce 1 Rainbow Trout 2
Tomato 1 Minnow 3
Onion 1 Jellyfish 3
Potato 1 Tuna 3
Apple 1 Salmon 4
Lime 1 Black Goldfish 4
Grapes 1 Swordfish 4
Watermelon 2 Red Herring 5
Steak 3 Tragic Clownfish 5
Bell Pepper 3 Siamese Catfish 5
Garlic 3 Piranha 5
Flame Fruit 3 Blowfish 5
Life Fruit 4 Shark 6
  Lobster 6
Angelfish 7
Vampire Fish 7

Skill Challenges

Master Planter :
A Master Planter must plant every type of plant available. Once you have mastered the varieties, you can reduce weed growth significantly on future plants.

Botanical Boss :
Botanical Bosses must harvest at least 75 perfecr fruits and vegetables. The plants of Botanical Bosses almost never die from neglect.

Master Farmer :
Master Farmers have harvested at least 650 fruits and vegetables. The plants of Master Farmers remain watered and fertilized longer, meaning their garden more efficient.

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