The Sims 3 How To Catch Deathfish

By | June 3, 2009

Well i think many people still can’t get Deathfish in Sims 3, i hope my mini guide can help you to get Deathfish =)

For you who didn’t know what Deathfish for, this fish is a fish that used for Ambrosia Recipe. Ambrosia can reset your sims age.

Okay here’s my tutorial how to catch deathfish =) :

Read Fishing for the Dead Book (req. level 7 fishing) and Heavenly Delicacies.
Heavenly Delivacies will be used to catch Angelfish, bait for Deathfish. For more information about bait you can check The Sims 3 Fishing Tutorial 🙂


After you read the 2 books, we’ll look for Angelfish. One of the place where Angelfish is you can see the picture down here. If you want to get Angelfish faster you can choose the correct bait, but it seems you can get it without choose the bait first =P


If you got a lot of Angelfish, maybe more then 10, go to Cemetery at 24:00. Choose bait for Deathfish, that is Angelfish that you got. I’m sure you’ll get Deathfish =)


A little tips, collect min. 10 Deathfish then make a pond in your house, and click that pond then choose Stock Pond and choose Deathfish. So you won’t need to go to cemetery for fishing Deathfish =P

I hope this tutorial will help you 🙂

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  • Natalie

    thanks it helped alot

  • Fellipe

    thx dude, realy work 🙂

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  • Anna

    Hmm. I went fishing in a very ordinary fishing spot (river in Riverview), with a dead relative’s remains in my inventory. I caught a deathfish.

    Maybe it’s the presence of the dead, not the cemetery pool itself.

    • admin

      hey that’s a new information 😀 thanks a lot

  • Sherrie

    thank you! but i dont need to build a pond because my sim married Mortimer Goth and he has a pond XD 🙂

  • Trish

    The photo of the location for Angelfish is a dead link. Can you specify please where I can fish angelfish? I can’t find it anywhere in sunset valley.

    • admin

      Generally the pond in the park in town has angelfish, just find a patch of fish and click inspect, make sure angelfish is there and if you’re using Alley Catfish as bait (you can see The Sims 3 Fishing Tutorial), you will catch mostly angelfish, but not 100% of the time.

  • Trish

    Thank you 🙂

  • demi

    oh wow! thanks a lot!!!!

  • Michael

    For best results, i have found that having relative’s remains, 10 perfect angelfish at 12:00AM at the graveyard (preferably) and perfect mood (exalted completely filled). Using this I caught deathfish every time. Be sure to keep angelfish on your rod.

    I can’t 100% confirm that the remains help, but it seems to be.

    Also, my ghost sim (ghost from birth (glitch)) catches deathfish in the daytime occasionally.

  • Amirys

    I need Help, I go to fish at midnight to the cemetery in Sunset Valley and theres no deathfish there..Odd. My sims is level 7 fishing. I also used the buydebug to put deathfish in my own pond at home but it doest show up at midnight or ever. Could this be a glitch? What do i do to fix it?

  • xxy

    @Amirys your sim’s fishing level needs to be at level 10 I believe