The Sims 3 How To Get Life Fruit

By | June 4, 2009

How to get life fruit ? Well i will give you more step how to get this Life Fruit =)

You can get Life Fruit Seed with this way :
1. Look for see that spread on the ground, it could be anywhere. Look for seed that have a Special Type. Seed that have Special Type like a seed from Money Tree, Fire Fruit, and Life Fruit.
To plant a Special Seed you must have a Gardening Skill min lv.7 , you can see the sims 3 gardening tutorial for more information about gardening skill 🙂


2. Work in Science Career,and there will be opportunities to make Ambrosia and you will be given the materials. And if you got this, you can make Ambrosia and don’t give that to your boss 😛

More info about fruit and seed :
1. 1 Life Fruit adds one day of remaining life in your current stage.
2. Grow Deathflowers, these thing can avert dying prematurely because of a freak accident, as long as they sit in the sim’s invertory, your sim will give a flower to grim and grim will leave =)

The seed is random and you can find it in some hills, like this spot where there’re seed near science lab
you can see the seed sparkling, because i’m using collection helper

There are 3 type of Unknown Seed :
1. Unknown Uncommon Seed

2. Unknown Rare Seed

3. Unknown Special Seed

Try to search for Special Seed, later it will grow random death plant, life plant, omni plant, money tree.

i hope this tutorial will help you =)

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  • kain

    this seed make your sim 1 day younger.

    I was trying to make ambrosia but the menu for it doesnt pop up even thou i had learnt the $12k recipe and holding the required mats..

  • crissa

    you need a deathfish and a life plant to make ambrosia. when you want to prepare it go to HAVE lunch/breakfast. good luck:D

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  • sarah

    Thanks! I got like 7 special seeds.
    One is Life Fruit, 2 are Money Tree.
    IDK What the other 4 are yet, but i hope they are Omni.
    Well thanks again! ~♥~

  • Lola

    Thanks for the help, but i really need someone to tell me where to find the actual life fruit plant[s] in Sunset Valley…. Please help me!!!!

  • Scott

    to get life fruit… your cheat menu and type testingcheatsenabledtrue then open the box again and type buydebug then go to your buy mode menu, click the “sort by category box” (2nd button down, above family inventory box) and look for the ? box.(yes, thats a question mark) in it you will find all the things you can buy or find in the game, plants ,bugs, metals, everything. Including Life fruit,death fruit,omni plant and all others. Plant your choice of tree and take care of it.

  • Scott

    addition to above comment:
    There is a space between the words enabled and true but no space in “testingcheatsenabled”..should look like this: testingcheatsenabled true

  • xenia

    hey scott can you help me? i typed in the cheat “testingcheatsenabled true” but when i typed in buydebug it says that its an unknown command. please help?

  • Amirys

    After entering “testingcheatsenabled true” in the cheatbox you have to type “buydebug on”



  • Danny Cochran

    when I trying to type testingcheatsenabled true and then type buydebug then it not work

  • Nick

    I need help with getteing my sims ghost controlled by me again then I have a death fish and everything else except the fruitlfe