The Sims 3 Tips How To Create Basement

By | June 16, 2009

Many of my friends asked me how to create a basement in sims 3, well i found a tutorial how to create basement 🙂

This is a step by step picture how to create basement

1. Lay a foundation slab with the Foundation tool.

2. Next, hold down Control to “hollow out” the foundation, leaving a ring of foundation to serve as the walls of your basement.

++Note: Create small stairs, down 3 times (floor 1). If you don’t create in floor 1, sometimes you can’t close with floor.

3. Switch to the Terrain tools in Build Mode(more on those in a moment) and sink the terrain as deep as you want the basement.

4. Use Change Floor to drop down to the level you want to designate as the floor of the basement and then switch over to the Level Terrain tool from the Terrain tools kit. Level the entire floor of the basement by dragging the tool over the sunken terrain.

5. When the terrain is flat, you now have the outline of your basement. Drop a layer of foundation into the basement along the bottom level. Now you can dress up the basement with flooring and paint or paper the walls. Or you can leave it all dank and creepy-like. Your choice.

6. Don’t forget to install some stairs leading down to your basement. Once you have built the ground floor on top of your basement, connect the two stories with stairs.

And a video tutorial how to create a basement :

Hope this help =)

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  • Emma

    That dosent work. You can’t put a door in when i try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!