The Sims 4 Baby Monster Error Glitch

By | September 6, 2014

How to fix the sims 4 baby monster error ? There’s a deform baby bug glitch on sims 4 where it makes the baby looks like a monster 😛
after you have your couple woohoo on sims 4, the wife will get pregnant and have baby glitch

here’s how some sims 4 players react :
“This was the first baby my sim had in TS4 – disappears when it’s in the cradle, is terrifyingly, eye-bulgingly creepy when being held. He grew up in to a normal kid, but the second baby the sim had is the same”

The Sims 4 Deformed Babies

“I’ve had this problem too… and then the babies go invisible when I put them in the cradle. It probably came from that patch that was released on launch day. The good thing is you can age the baby up a few hours after it’s born so I have mostly skipped the baby stage with my two sims. It doesn’t bother me to skip that stage because I hate playing with babies anyway but I can see how it would bother people who love that lifestage.”


unfortunately we need to wait for official fix for this baby bug :
EA has found the root cause of this issue and is working on a fix. It seems to be related to Intel Graphic Card Chips.

from – SimGuruHydra wrote:
“Hey all – thanks for bringing this to our awareness – the team here has identified the root cause of the deformed baby bug that some players are seeing. A fix is being worked on and will be patched to players as soon as possible.”