The Sims 4 Treasure Map

By | September 9, 2014

When your sims dig up rocks on different neighbourhoods, they will find The Sims 4 Treasure Map ! An old, worn roll of paper with cryptic markings smudged with dirt. It might be a good idea to keep this in your sims inventory before they start digging !
When you found a treasure map on sims 4, you will see this notification on your screen : “Your sim dug up a treasure map ! this will surely lead to great things.”


Once you’ve acquired the treasure map, you can follow its directions and find a buried capsule. Opening up these hidden capsules will yield the MySims Trophies.


but some players have different opinion :
“I dug up a treasure map, but it did not lead me anywhere. When I clicked on it from my inventory, it said I should leave it in my inventory for a chance to find treasure. When I encountered the next rock, it gave me the option to “dig for treasure”, but I ended up digging the same type of item I would have if I chose “dig”… either a fossil, a gemstone, a metal, or a MySims figurine, all of which I had already dug up without finding a treasure map. Not sure what the point of the treasure map is.”

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