The Sims Social Connection Error

By | August 10, 2011

The sims social is live today for play on facebook, but we got some error connection when loading this game
you might see this maintenance screen when you try reload the loading bar :
we are experiencing some technical issues. please try again soon!

so far there are some issues that players can get :
a long delay with white page followed by 502 or 504 error.
502 bad gateway – the server returned an invalid or incomplete response

a long delay at 35% loaded (stuck) followed by failure.

a long delay when visiting a friend followed by failure.
The game starting up in another language – even if English is set as FB language.

note that in playfish forum, the sims social community manager – britgirls said this
We are aware and are currently working hard to fix the following issues that some of you might be experiencing

We are aware that some of our players are experiencing some issues whilst playing The Sims Social Beta. We’re working hard to resolve these, so please bear with us while we work on this.
We appreciate your feedback and patience at this time. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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  • Bhea


    • admin

      wait until they fix it 🙁

  • dra ling

    gosh , i reallyy really wanna plaaaaayyyyyyy this so baaaaadddddddd!!!!!!!! 🙁

  • Quinn

    My plant~~~ T^T
    when will this maintenance thing will be over??


    Me and my friend having the technical launching issue for the past 1 day…please solve this ASAP

  • nina

    im almost level 20 but sims social keeps reloading =( i tried reloading it alot! i mean like the past i hour i kept reloading! i wanna play now! =((((

  • milord

    oops, we hit a snag. try refreshing your browser. fingers crossed! …….SERIOUSLY?! i’ve been reloading it 10 times but this thing always appear everytime reached 65%! come on! i just started play yesterday!!

  • arief

    oops , we hit a snag , try refreshing your browser . fingers crossed !!! the loading stucks at 65% and never increasing … i already reloading this about 20 times but no respond …
    come on , pal ….
    fix it now ~!~

  • Sucilyn

    Got the same prob as arief for 4 days now…loading stucks at 65%…

  • Christine

    This is getting ridiculous…experiencing technical issues STILL like last night…very uncool when people have off on he weekends…oh seems the devs are too…

  • Roxie

    stupid snag error.. its been 1 week already., i hate it! please fix it A.S.A.P!! i miss my house :((

  • carroll

    gosh when will this be fixed!!! i’m stuck at 35% done all troubleshooting here!!!

  • moises

    im stuck at 65% … xD

  • rafael

    when my friends open the sims social it will open,but when i will play it it wont open,,it always say try again soon,,

  • Bianca

    I also have been stuck the past days. Also at 35% and 65%. Come on, please fix it. I wanna play!! :(((((

  • Tanya

    still nothing on this?
    I don’t like spending money to not being able to use it.
    I figured the last time it worked was because all the xmas features were being added…

  • Tanya

    still nothing on this?
    I don’t like spending money to not being able to use it. I figured the last time it worked was because all the xmas features were being added…

  • SB

    My sims is now loading on 35% for the past hour, this is going on for a couple of days now almost a week, is this problem known?

  • Seline

    I always have to reload if I want to buy a “Still Life Easel”