The Sims Social Inspired

By | August 11, 2011

On the middle of your the sims social menu there’s an inspired text with 6 button below it, do you know what is that ? here’s the guide for this feature

inspired : earn more coins

What is “Inspired” mode in the sims social, how does my Sim become inspired and what are the benefits?
first you must know what is mood

there are 6 moods for your sims :
– social
– fun
– hunger
– hygiene
– bladder
– sleep

if you max out all your 6 Sim’s mood and needs they’ll become ‘INSPIRED’! For a limited amount of time afterwards, your Sim will earn increased rewards from performing most tasks around the home!

now how to get mood in the sims social ?
you can do the activity for each moods and get this item, click to collect it !

also if your sims mood can change if you no longer fulfilling the basic needs, the mood panel wil turn from green to yellow and then red.. there for you must watch out for each mood

if your sims get red mood, then it will become very moody … and we wouldn’t want that! When they have a need that turns red, it will prove far harder to tell your Sim to do other tasks until that need is addressed.

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