The Sims Social Red Square Quest

By | August 26, 2011

Do you get any red thing problem on the sims social quest bar ? actually there are 2 issues for red box quest in this facebook game

the sims social red square quest

i look on the forum and the community manager explain about this error and how to fix it :
On my quest queue the Cowgirl is covered with a red square and it can’t be clicked on.

This bug in the Hardy-Ha-Ha! quest has already been reported. However, it is still able to be finished by completing the requirements as follows:

Hardy-Ha-Ha! part 1:
– Trim a neighbors bush (e.g. the blue flower bush)
– Make a good friend
– Have 5 goodwill

What Does it All Mean? quest requires you to craft and drink the Bad Mood Potion. My needs all go red and the quest is not completed!

Craft the potion but do NOT drink it to complete the quest.

NOTE : find all list of quest in the sims social quests

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