The Unbeatable Game Level 36 37 38 39 40 Cheats

By | September 24, 2014

Tips list of The Unbeatable Game Level 36 37 38 39 40 Cheats if you stuck on these stage 🙂 Test your IQ with this game ! Can you DEFEAT The Unbeatable Game and think outside the box ?
Will you be the first person to solve the answerable questions?

The Unbeatable Game Solutions for iphone and android game by Damilola Idowu on itunes and google play

The Unbeatable Game Level 36 Cheat
Q: Try to remove the man’s hay.
A: Blow in your device’s microphone.

The Unbeatable Game Level 37 Cheat
Q: Which symbol when used gives 5+5+5=550
A: /

The Unbeatable Game Level 38 Cheat
Q: What is the next in the sequence SENT___
A: Sentett


The Unbeatable Game Level 39 Cheat
Q: Prove X=V
A: Tap and hold the lower part of the X until it disappears.

The Unbeatable Game Level 40 Cheat
Q: How many legs does the elephant have?
A: 5

The Unbeatable Game™ is a brand new IQ game with a collection of brain crunching questions, and unthinkable answers you will never guess. Every single question is unique and pushes your brain to the absolute limit.

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