The Ville Clawfoot Candy Bowl Quest Halloween

By | October 13, 2012

Zach is practicing his trick or treating in the ville clawfoot candy bowl quest ! help him out out with the planning and see what’s in store for us for halloween party !

halloween goals walkthrough guide :

mission 1: trick or treat quest
Collect 10 Candy Corns
Build Your Candybowl
Place Halloween Decorations

mission 2: the halloween spirit quest
Collect 8 Halloween Paint
Upgrade Your Candybowl
Collect Coins From Your Candybowl

mission 3 : ghoulmaster cadie quest
Practice Scaring 4 Of Your Friends In The Mirror
Collect 10 Fancy Paper
Clean The House 6 Times For The Party

mission 4 : neighborhood haunt quest
Print 1 Invitation
Craft 4 Candles
Bake 2 Cookies

mission 5 : a frightful affair quest
Place 4 Candles
Upgrade Your Candybowl
Make 2 Chocolate Milkshakes

mission 6 : dying with anticipation quest
Place 2 Chocolate Milkshakes
Collect 10 Joy
Call Over 6 Friends

mission 7 : the boo bash quest
Supply Your Candybowl
Scare 6 Friends
Party With 2 Of Your Friends (Superstar on the Karaoke Machine)