The Ville Ghosts Quest

By | October 18, 2012

Capture ghosts for halloween rewards in these the ville ghosts quest !

Seasons Screamings everyone! Ghosts have arrived at our homes and we need to capture them. Grab as many Ghosts as you can to claim very special rewards!

mission requirements guide :

goal 1: G-G-G-Ghosts Quest
Take Pictures of 3 Ghosts
Study ghosts at 3 Neighbor’s Houses
Ask friends for 3 grave markers

goal 2: Speaking Spooky Quest
Ask Friends for 3 Ghost Books
Scare 3 Ghosts

goal 3: The Last Halloween Quest
Buy a new Giant Candy Corn
Buy a New Friendly Pumpkin
Ask for 3 New Steak Knives

goal 4: Practically Paranormal Quest
Collect Parts from 4 appliances
Ask friends for 3 Astrial Spectrometers
Bake 1 Cookies

goal 5: Ghost Trapping Quest
Buy a Trick’n Treats Craft Book
Make 3 Ghost Traps
Capture 3 Ghosts

goal 6: Gotcha Quest
Craft 5 Ghost Traps
Ask Friends for 4 Grave Markers
Craft a Halloween Reward

goal 7: A ghost Free Gathering Quest
Bake Cookies
Call Over 3 Neighbors
Dance! 3 x