The Ville Kissing Booth Missions

By | August 24, 2012

Snoochfest is here with the ville kissing booth missions ! join the fund with the smooching booth !

get kissing ! help Madison assemble her kissing booth.

goals walkthrough guide :

Quest 1: Package Pick-up Mission
Have Madison’s Package – build Madison’s package, ask 6 friends to help staff your business.
Open Madison’s Package – Open the collection of boxes for Madison.
Collect 9 screwdrivers by asking your friends or fixing broken electronics.

Quest 2: Hotness in the House Mission
Snap a Picture of Madison – click the camera button to snap a photo
Visit 3 Neighbors – select someone in your Neighbor Bar and choose “Visit”
Hide 5 Pictures of Madison in Your Neighbor’s kitchen – visit a Neighbor, click on kitchen objects and select “Hide Picture”

Quest 3: Crushed Crush Mission
Collect 3 pretty flowers to make Madison feel better – click on any flower and select “Pick for a chance to get a pretty flower”.
Tell Madison some jokes – click Madison and select “Silly Joke.”
Ask 12 Friends for kindness – ask friends to get kindness.

Quest 4: Sexy Delivery Mission
Finish building the Kissing Booth.
Click the Kissing Booth –Click the Kissing Booth after you have finished building it.

Quest 5: Smoochfest Mission
Complete a new room – You can buy a room in the Marketplace.
Complete 2 Holiday Party jobs on the zPad – Click the Planning zPad to do the Holiday Party job.
Plant 3 red roses – You can find red roses in the Marketplace.

Quest 6: Kiss her goodbye Mission
Snap a picture of the kissing booth – click the camera icon to snap a picture.
Show the pictures to 3 Neighbors – click a Neighbor and select “Show Picture.”
Give a Kissing Demonstration to 4 Neighbors – click a Neighbor and select “Kissing Demo.”

Quest 7: Pecking Practice Mission
Collect 8 lip balm – ask friends for lip balm.
Grow 5 herbs for fresh breath – click on a garden plot and select Herbs to grow them.
Test Kiss 3 Neighbors – click a neighbor and select “Test Kiss.”

Quest 8: Let the Smooching Begin Mission
Call over 5 Neighbors – click on your neighbor and select “Call Over”.
Introduce Madison to your Neighbor – click on a Neighbor and select “Introduce Madison”.
Ask 12 friends for Long Stem Roses – click the Ask button to ask your friends for Long Stem Roses.

Quest 9: Kissing Booth Mission
Use the Kissing Booth to Lightly Smootch 3 friends – click the Kissing Booth and select “Gentle Smootch.”
Use the Kissing Booth to platonically hug 4 friends – click the Kissing Booth and select “Totally Platonic Hug.”
Use the Kissing Booth to Make Out with 5 Friends – Click the Kissing Booth and select “Make Out With…”

Quest 10: Kissing Queen Mission
Crown a Kissing King – click a Neighbor and select “Kissing King”.
Crown a Kissing Queen – click a Neighbor and select “Kissing Queen”.
Ask 12 Friends for Truffles – click the Ask button and get Truffles from Friends.