They Of Mystery On FarmVille

By | December 30, 2009

Farmville they of mystery, new ribbon on farmville. Yup 🙂 special ribbon for mystery box


They of mystery on farmville

For They of Mystery Ribbon you will need to buy mystery box to get the ribbons 🙂

The total mystery box you will need to open is 30, and if the mystery box cost 16 fv cash the total cash you will need will be 30 x 16 = 480 fv cash to earn the last blue ribbon…

Yeah it cost a lot >.< so no wonder many players mad and hate this ribbon 😛 they_of_mystery_ribbon

Here are the requirement and reward for Lord Of The Plow Ribbon:
Yellow Ribbon
requirements : 2 mystery boxes
rewards : 50 XP and 500 Coins

White Ribbon
requirements : 6 mystery boxes
rewards : 100 XP and 2,500 Coins

Red Ribbon
requirements : 15 mystery boxes
rewards : 250 XP and 5,000 Coins

Blue Ribbon
requirements : 30 mystery boxes
rewards : 500 XP and 10,000 Coins

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