Tips And Trick About Death and Ghost In Sims 3

By | July 4, 2009

Did you already have fun with 5 fun ways to kill sims ? Well now i will tell you about death and ghost in sims 3 πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, i got this information from prima guide πŸ˜€ It really helps a lot so i want to share this sims 3 tips and trick with you guys, read this information okay =)

How to Prevent Death

There are 2 ways to prevent Grim Reaper taking a Sim away.. or you can say death πŸ˜› One of the special harvestables, the Death Blossom can be exchanged for another chance at life with Grim Reaper. If the Death Blossom is in a Sim’s personal inventory when death occurs, it can be offered in exchange for more time πŸ™‚

The other way is a steady diet of Life Fruits. Consuming Life Fruits add extra time to your life span. You can grow both of these plants by reaching the highest levels of Gardening Skill and discovering their seeds.


More information about seeds, Death Blossom and Life Fruit you can see it in how to get life fruit


Death is final.. Yeah, once a Sims has crossed over to other side, they cannot come back to the realm of the living. But that doesn’t mean they are necessarily gone forever. Deceased Sims have been known to haunt the area around their grave markers. If you install the marker somewhere on your lot, there is a good chance you might see the ghost of former friend after 11 PM, rattling around the old stomping grounds.


Ghost are friendly.. they won’t harm anybody on the lot. But they can wake Sims up, disrupting a good night’s sleep… what a disturbing ghost >.< Ghost can and will interack with objects on the lot, making noise and generally creeping out the living. Diggerent Sims reactions to ghost or haunted objects. Sims with the following traits are actually happy to see a ghost:
– Brave
– Childish
– Daredevil
– Insane
– Party Animal

Coward and Neurotics Sims have the opposite reaction to a ghost or haunted object. They get the Scared moodlet

Tips :
Want to see a ghost on your lot but nobody has died on it ?
Send a Kleptomaniac Sim to the graveyard. There’s a chance they will steal a grave marker and bring it back. Install the marker somewhere on your lot and there’s a chance you will spot a ghost in the near future.


Ghost also appear at the graveyard at night. If your Sim has a wish to see a ghost, head to the graveyard sometime after midnight but before dawn. Look for rattling objects as a sign of ghost in the graveyard. You can converse with ghosts in the graveyard, just as with a living Sim.
However, they cannot engage in romantic socials, marry Sims, or be asked to move in with the family back on the lot πŸ™

If you want to revived a ghost try to feed Ambrosia to a ghost and there’s a chance it will come back to life.

How to play a ghost ?

Playable ghost ? is that true ? Well, if a loved one died and you have their marker or remains, there is a chance you will get a call from the Landgraab Industries Science Facility. The scientists have developed a way to reserve death ! Zoom out to the map and left click on the science facility.
Choose the Restore Ghost option to bring your loved one back from the death.


It turns out the technology isn’t perfect. Your loved one is returned to you, but only as a ghost..a playable ghost. The ghost appears as a selectable Sims with all of the regular interactions and socials, just as when they alive.
Playable ghosts can develop skills, cook food, and attempt to live a regular life in Sunset Valley.

Okay.. I know what you’re thinking… can i be romantic with a playable ghost ? or can i have sex with ghost ?
Yes, you can. If the ghost is of a young adult or adult Sim. You can raise the amorous LTR with a ghost to the point where you can have WooHoo and even Try for Baby. If the interaction conceives a child, there is a chance it will be a ghost baby.
You can actually start an entire ghost family this way πŸ˜›

I hope this tips and trick about death and ghost in sims 3 help you πŸ˜€

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  • Sarah-Jane

    There is a way to PLAY as a gost wich is to
    have two sims ( dosent matter what age as long as one is old enough to live on there own!) kill one of ur sims by drowning fire electrocution and so on then once u have done that ur alive sim may get a call from science place they will ask u to bring the dead persons grave to the science place and if u do ur alive person will come out with a ghost u can play as πŸ™‚

  • Squishii penguin

    Okay, so i tried your way of becomming a ghost and it didnt work … my sim drowned in the swimming pool and once i clicked on the scince place it just come up with like work here and to tour it ? Soooo what do i do now ? πŸ˜€

  • bryce

    @ squishii

    you have to get a call from them

  • Anne

    Well on my sims, I brung my fiancΓ©e back to life after he died and now it just says he’s my bf and there’s no option to propose! How can I marry him now that he’s human again?

  • Lexa

    Is there anyway to keep a gravestone without having the ghosts around? It’s been weeks since my sims died, but they come back one night and then stay around for a few days. They use my workout equipment, my showers, and my fridge and they’re just getting in the way now. When do they stop haunting? Or is there anyway I can contain them?

  • Reply2Lexa


    make yourself into the ghost sim and click on yourself and it should say “return back to the neverland”

  • Joanna

    So my Sim’s husband died and I never got the call, but I still have the gravemarker. He won’t appear though. Is there a way to make his ghost appear?

  • Jewel

    @Joanna i have the same exact problem. My sim’s sister is dead, i haven’t gotten the call yet and it have been at least 25 sim days, the remains are on the lot but i can’t see the ghost!

  • Sarah

    If you add another sim to your house become best friends with them have them die then wait for the call from the science lab… I did this and if you still have the other sims remains (aka your sims sister) you can chose to bring back the sims sister instead of the one that just died

  • scarzz

    u actually cn engage romantic options!!duh i had one of my sims have a baby with a random ghost! haha

  • Lucy

    i want a ghost baby.i looked up cheats and it says make your sim steal remains blah blah blah.My sim is klepto and i have brought it to the graveyard but it wont steal the remains.
    Any suggestions?

  • Kaula

    There is away to ressurect the dead. It is successful but hard. You need someone who has the ability to make ambrosia. If they can, you also need a life fruit and a deathfish. Those are the ingredients ( life fruit – at least level seven gardening, deathfish – at least level seven fishing – can only be caught after midnight). Once you have these, have the ghost’s grave in your property and leave the ambrosia in the fridge. DO NOT EAT IT. Eventually, the ghost will appear and eat the ambrosia. And voila! Your ghost is now a sim.

  • :)

    Can my Sim who’s alive get married to a ghost? They are bf/gf and REALLY love each other. PLEASE ANSWER. I cant find the answer anywhere

  • Alan

    i ever find a family ghost in my sims but it cant work when i bring the grave in household why

  • roxas

    i have a prob ok iv been trying to take a sims life note not part of my family his name phillip friar anyway grim has came to take him 2 times and each time he pulls out no flower grim looks sad shakes head and auto brings him back to life …. dose anyone know why cause iv gotten rid of 10 sims so far this first time this has ever happend