Tips How To Burning The Sims 3 become 2 DVD Without Rar/ISO

By | July 6, 2009

Hi, i want to give another Tips for Sims 3 🙂 for you who already have The Sims 3.. The file format : ISO or Rar part must be extract to ISO then it must be mount to Virtual Drive/ Deamon/ Alcohol right ?

There’s a way to to burn the raw file, so you only need to put in the DVD.. autorun, setup, put in Disc 2 and etc.. Just like the usual setup without need to extract/mount ISO.

1. Copy all The Sims3 installer files to 1 folder, like: D:\The Sims 3. Not the ISO/rar file, but all files include the Autorun.exe,, dll.

2. Look at the picture, i add new folders like : krack, UPDATE, BONUS, dan ADD ON. These folders are new folder that i make for the files that will be needed. For crack to krack folder, add-on files i put in to ADD-ON folder, update file (Sims3patch from Reloaded version, Sims3 1.0.632.00002 from 1.0.631.00002, dan Sims3 from 1.0.631.00002) to UPDATE folder. BONUS folder : Uncensored patch, minigames, gadget, unpacker, etc.. Okay all the detail you can see in the picture here

3. Open Nero and copy all installer file include the new folders that you made to Compilation Window. Then search for FullBuild1.package file and FullBuild2.package file in folder : GameData\Shared\Packages\ like the picture here, then delete that 2 files so you will have enough space to burn DVD 4,7 GB.

4. Press F7 and name the label The Sims 3. Remember: Use the same Label for Disc 1 and Disc 2. If you make a different label name then you already fail.. 🙁

5. Burn this compilation to DVD and that is your The Sims3 Disc-1 DVD.

6. Back to your compilation, copy all Installer file into compilation window, and now delete all file except
GameData folder, Sims3.ico, dan Autorun.inf. And you need to change the Autorun.inf parameter just like the picture.. with Notepad.

7. Search for NonPackaged folder in GameData\Shared\ folder and delete. Also delete FullBuild0.package file in GameData\Shared\Packages\ folder so there only 2 file left : FullBuild1.package and FullBuild2.package. Now you have enough space for you compilation to burn into DVD 4,7 GB.

8. Make the same label name just like Disc 1, and burn. Now you have The Sims 3 Disc 2.

How To Install :
1. Install from Autorun.exe from Disc 1. Choose USA region! This is important, you have to choose USA region in order the game to work.

2. Use keygen in folder krack to generate Serial. Reloaded and Razor keygen, choose one.

3. When prompt for ‘FullBuild1.package’, insert Disc 2 in THE SAME DRIVE of Disc 1 (eject Disc 1, and insert Disc 2). Click OK.

4. When prompt for ‘Blame It On Me.mp3’, insert Disc 1 back (eject Disc 2 and insert Disc 1). Click OK.

5. And the next step of course update patch 🙂 just like what i told you before in How to Update The Sims 3 Reloaded To Patch

I hope this tips work for you all 🙂

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